I understand the principles on why cultural appropriation is a bad thing but whilst on vacation in the Caribbean almost every single tourist shop had Rastafarian hats with fake dreadlocks attached to them as a novelty item. Now these were being sold by Rastafarians.

So my question - isn’t buying…

The reason behind the selling of those trashy hats is the same as the reason why appropriation exists: colonialism and imperialism.

If white people and governments hadn’t gutted the economies and financial possibilities of their former colonies, the people wouldn’t have to sell sweatshop made tourist trinkets to survive. The current trade agreements which keep other countries at a disadvantage (which are a modern form of imperialism) should be gone too. 

Instead of purchasing those stereotypical items and reinforcing the problem  and demand you should be lobbying your government officials to get rid of the predatory trade agreements with these countries that help keep their economic situations so perilous.